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Q. How much does an uncontested divorce cost?
A. An uncontested divorce is a flat fee which includes attorney’s fees, copying charges, taxes, and filing fees.

Q. How much does a contested divorce cost?
A. A contested divorce varies in prices depending on the issues in dispute and there are also attorney’s fees, copying charges, taxes, and filing fees that apply.

Q. How long does a divorce take?
A. The duration of a divorce depends on how quickly the parties can come to a compromise.

Q. Can a party file for divorce in the state of Hawaii if he/she was married in another state?
A. The requesting party needs to have been domiciled in the state of Hawaii for six (6) months before filing for divorce.

Q. Do parties in a divorce have to attend court hearings?
A. The parties in an uncontested divorce do not have to attend any court hearings. The parties in a contested divorce might have to attend court hearings.

Q. Are there any time limits to consider when filing for a divorce?

A. Yes.

Q. Can an uncontested divorce become a contested divorce?
A. Yes, if the parties in an uncontested divorce cannot come to an agreement then the divorce will go contested.

Q. What is an “equitable distribution” of property?
A. Hawaii is an “equitable distribution” state, which means that Hawaii has a system of distributing property in connection with a divorce depending on a variety of factors.

Q. What does “community property” mean?
A. Hawaii is not a “community property” state. “Community property” is property acquired during the marriage.

Q. What is a legal separation?
A. A legal separation is a form of a decree that the court has granted the parties to live apart for two (2) years. During the legal separation the parties are not divorced and the parties cannot re-marry.

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